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Family obeying a Do Not Cross sign  while watching floodwaters at a low water crossing in Breckenridge Park, San Antonio, Texas.

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Custom Prints or Digital Files?      Need help deciding?

PRINTS: Prints make your memories permanent, now and for years in the future.

Do you love custom, wedding quality prints, then my custom print lab prints are for you.

While any size print benefits from final editing and custom printing, it's when you see your favorite photo in 8x10 or larger on either standard Lustre paper, a specialty finish like metallic paper or even printed on real metal that you can really appreciate the impact of a memorable photo. (Prints on Metal)

My print lab offers a wide array of print options, so even if you don't see what you want under the Buy button, please let me know so I can meet your needs.

No matter what, if you are ever unhappy with your prints we'll make it right:

Questions about cropping, print finishes, custom coverage or something special like a text overlay? Please email me before completing the check-out process.

Q: Can I scan the prints and make my own digital copies?

A: No, all prints are provided for your personal enjoyment. Secondary use through scanning, digitizing and extended use is not permitted. If you think you will need to use the photo for other uses, please consider buying a digital download file. You can then make as many prints as you'd like from the 1MPixel and 4MPixel file sizes and share the images online between family and friends. If you need them for publication, please contact me for specific licensing.

Q: Should I buy just one (1) 4x6 print?

A: While I love my custom print quality, if only buying one 4x6 print, I'd instead recommend buying the 1MB digital download.  After adding shipping for the print, another $5 (appx.) gets you a file you can use and share online, AND take to a local printer to make as many copies as you want.


Q: How do I order them?

A: Just like buying a print, Click the Buy Button but then select the Downloads Tab

Q: What are the benefits of buying the digital file?

A: Immediately available for download

    No Shipping Charges

    Print as many copies as you like locally for personal use.

    Share the image via email, Facebook, electronic picture frames and more.

    Scrapbookers print as many copies as you need and still easily share with family and friends

Q: Can I sell them or use them to make money?

A: No, They are licensed for Personal Use only for family and friends.

     Other usage licensing is available. Please contact me to discuss editorial/newspaper or commercial use.

Q: Which size should I select?

A: The web size (.3MPixel) digital file offered is sufficient for Facebook, your computer screen, cell phone sharing, etc., but will not provide a good print.

The 1MB file allows you to print as many small prints as you like for personal use, in addition to sharing online for personal use.

The 4MPixel file, when available, will let you print all but the very largest of prints. Large sports posters benefit from the quality this file size provides.

Ask about my senior discount if you need this size file for your senior sports poster.

Original file size, when available, is the largest edited file available from the out-of-camera original.

Q: Will my prints be as good as the ones you provide when printed from a digital file?

A: While the quality and color balance of the monitor you are viewing the images on may influence their look, you will get the exact JPEG file presented online.

Unlike many photographers and newspaper galleries, I do an initial crop and color correction of photos on all online galleries to provide the best viewing experience.

Additional custom editing/retouching is available for an additional fee. Just let me know what you need either before or after purchase.

If you have additional questions about digital files, just email me and I'll be happy to help you out.

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